Live Digital Outdoor | O2 | Star Wars The Last Jedi

To help promote the latest blockbuster in the Star Wars franchise, we were tasked with connecting with shoppers in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre. With over 360 shops to occupy their attentions, we knew the most powerful way to engage our audience was to actively involve them. 

So using an ‘interactive mirror’ concept, we gave people the chance to become a Jedi – live on a giant digital screen. Working against all the odds due to a tight deadline, we combined complex technology and traditional film production techniques. With greenscreen filming using facial markers, plus careful post production and bespoke software creation to help control positioning, shading and lighting, we were able to seamlessly integrate the final result with Ocean’s outdoor network. 

And all in a very challenging timeframe – luckily, the force was most definitely with us throughout.

Adrian Firth