AR Tech Stunt | Pepsi

When AMV came to us with an idea to create an interactive mirror that changed people’s faces to scary masks in real-time, it was something that had never been done before.  

As such, we had to devise a detailed view on exactly how we could achieve it. So following an intensive two-week research session, we opted to use a software called Faceshift. Originally conceived for use on film sets to allow film studios to capture actors’ expressions and apply them to 3D characters, the software was precise and flexible enough for us to achieve maximum impact whilst maintaining complete control. 

The tech was installed in a bathroom in an Odeon in West London, allowing us to capture a range of reactions from a wide audience. The work won several awards and went on to become recognised as a groundbreaking project in the facetracking/computer vision industry. 

Faceshift went on to become acquired by Apple and is now used in the iPhone X. 



Adrian Firth