Live Digital Outdoor | J20

For the launch of J20’s ‘Midnight Forest’ juice drink, BBH asked us to help make a version of the kids’ game ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ on an outdoor screen. 

We knew that the main challenge would be keeping the audience as central as possible to the on-screen animation, so we kicked-off the project with a thorough research exercise to help inform the best solution. Eventually, we settled on a route that used a DJ hardware controller as it gave us the tightest control over the animation and sound effects in real-time. 

Also key to success was working closely with Ocean Outdoor to choose the screens and locations best-placed for filming, and collaborating with their hardware provider to ensure everything worked perfectly. 

It was this painstaking approach that enabled a successful project to be delivered in under a month, leaving any heart-stopping surprises solely to Mr Wolf. 




Adrian Firth