Emeji | iPhone / iPad app

Pre-dating Apples animated emojis, we created this Emeji app as a way to showcase our work on mobile platforms. We created all aspects of the app from brand, UX, dev, animation and deployment to the app store. 

Here's the blurrb!

Emoji’s are old school, make way for Emeji’s!

Emeji is a great way to make and send personalised, facialicious, animated gifs of the greatest person you know: Yourself ;).

Record your Emeji with our awesome filters and make your own showstoppers. If you get it wrong – no problem! – record it again until you love it. Save your awesomeoji creations to your Emeji keyboard or photo library and devastate/ impress /sadden /comfort your friends with your handiwork via almost any messaging or social app.

Our filters have been lovingly created by some of the industry's best artists, doodlers, creative monsters and animators. We’re adding new ones as fast as our pixel-pushing fingers will allow, so keep a close eye on us.

Accessing Emeji Keyboard.

We’ve added a super fancy keyboard to let you send your Emeji from nearly anything, but to get this working you do need to follow a few steps. Read on friends...

1. Go to your iOS Settings
2. Tap ‘General’ then ‘Keyboard’ then ‘Keyboards’
3. Tap ‘Add New Keyboard’ then tap ‘Emeji’
4. You will be returned to your Keyboard list. From here, tap ‘Emeji’.
5. Switch ‘Allow Full Access’ from Off to On.


Branded packs

UX Interface design

Adrian Firth